Ford taurus performance package

What do you need to know before you buy a Ford Taurus? Nearly every vehicle in its lineup is among the best in its class, offering great turbocharged engine options, nice refined interiors, and clean European-esque styling. When compared to its competition inthe Taurus was good. It offered nice clean looks, a good interior, and and decent handling for such a big boat. But five years later, the model, while still good, may not be at the top of its class anymore. The sixth generation Taurus launched for the model with a hp 3.

Changes since that debuted have been pretty significant.

ford taurus performance package

There was also some movement on the powertrain front inwith a new 2. Ford offers three strong engines in their Taurus: a 2. All engines produce plenty of grunt, which is good, as the Taurus weighs two tons.

The 3. The optional 2. The base 3. The all-wheel drive Taurus and the all-wheel drive Taurus SHO bring up the rear with combined fuel economy ratings barely over All Tauruses Tauri? Front and rear brake rotors are Super High Output. Need we say more?

2013 Ford Taurus SHO guns it with a new Performance package

All other Taurus trims are a bit on the bland side, but the SHO, with its sport-tuned suspension, smoked headlights, all-wheel drive, and potent hp V6 takes our money. Everything you need to know about and expect during. The A.Whether it comes to performance tunes, towing tunes, or fuel efficiency tunes, we are a leader in first to market production. World record breaking performance packed into one, easy to use, device.

Some features include:. Shop all Engines. Shop all Oiling. Livernois Motorsports Installed Performance Packages are the full package, giving unmatched performance for late model Ford, GM, and Chrysler vehicles. They feature many different stage options, utilizing many of the Livernois Motorsports products. Choose the package that is optimal for your desired power gains and we can install it in no time! Shop all Packages. Livernois valvetrain components are made in the USA and include dyno tune proven cam profiles, valve spring kits, push rods, rocker arm braces, displacement on demand eliminator kits, cam phaser lock outs and cam phaser limiter kits.

All designed and engineered by Livernois Motorsports for late model perfromance trucks, cars and SUV's. Shop More Components. Our most popular offering is our T package.

Offering the core foundation of recommended parts for your Taurus, along with adding over 60hp and 75 of torque, this is our most value packed offering. This package includes the following Exclusive parts from Livernois Motorsports:.

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The company is proud of its deep roots in the automotive and motorsports industry dating back to its original founding in Since then the company has expanded its product line to include tuning and performance components for desert racing, SCCA and drag racing. Livernois Motorsports is proud to engineer, test and manufacture its products in the USA. For more information visit www. Manifold Absolute Pressure MAP sensors, have two specific responsibilities in the engine management system: measuring barometric pressure at key on, and to report engine load to the powertrain control module.

For example, a 3 BAR sensor will handle a forced induction up to We use this measuring and reporting to build more powerful and more stable tunes. Log In Register Account. Make Make. Model Model. Dealers Brands Newsletter. Shop more oiling parts 5. Added to Cart Back to Shop. The T package includes the following Exclusive parts from Livernois Motorsports:. The Windstorm Cold Air Intake for the Taurus SHO features a larger than stock roto-molded intake tube that dramatically increases flow capability over the factory intake system.

This design allows for full utilization of the massive cfm air filter which supplies plenty of clean, cool air to the engine while maintaining excellent filtration. These intake systems also feature our new large, one-piece, rotational-molded air box.See all 11 photos.

We've finally gotten our hands on the Ford Taurus SHO Performance Package, Ford 's top-performing Taurus, and it is one mean track machine -- albeit an unlikely one. Standing over 5-feet tall and weighing in at pounds, we have trouble imagining anyone choosing this decidedly plus-sized sedan for track days, but anyone who does won't be let down.

As we discussed in our first drive of the Taurus SHO, enhancements to this package include a huge upgrade of the brakes and cooling system, plus other niceties like Alcantara on the steering wheel and stability-control settings for sport and truly off.

2010-2018 Taurus SHO Performance Parts

The front brake backing plate is cutaway to improve airflow, which works with the cross-drilled caliper pistons and greatly upsized thermal mass of the system to virtually eliminate fade see photos and captions. On the cooling front, there is an engine-oil cooler, a transmission oil cooler, and a third heat-exchanger keeps the all-wheel-drive power-takeoff unit cool gear lube is too viscous to pump to the radiator for air cooling.

This unit draws its coolant off the bottom three coolest rows of the higher-capacity radiator. This reduces the temperature of the power-takeoff gear by some 75 degrees F, and allows the car to withstand 32 hot laps of Michigan's demanding Grattan racetrack without overheating.

To prove it, Ford invited us to drive Performance-Pack Tauri out to Grattan for an afternoon of hot-lapping, during which indeed there was not one incident of any SHO component overheating, fatiguing, or crapping out though a tire-pressure sensor hiccupped briefly. The drive out to the track -- actually the drive out of the parking lot -- revealed the effectiveness of the percent stiffer dampers. The Perf-Pack's ride is flinty and busy. Not teeth rattling or kidney-traumatizing, but there's nothing the least bit plush about it and it's fatiguing on Michigan's winter-ravaged roads.

On the other hand, the lack of isolation between the steering rack and the suspension crossmember results in a most welcome ratcheting up of the amount of information that flows to the driver's fingertips. Surface irregularities and even momentary drops in the friction level are remarkably well reported via this electric-assist system.

About the only acceleration-enhancing improvement is the swapping out of 2. This has the effect of adding pounds of launch thrust to each of the four driven contact patches in first gear 14 percent more in each gearwith the result that it launches much more eagerly, and allows the engine to spend more time at its torque peak, which stretches from to rpm. Drop the hammer to pass on a two-lane road and this thing rockets past dawdlers way quicker than they can mouth the words "damned maniac!

For the first few laps at Grattan we sampled the ESC's Sport mode quickly touch the off button twice to engage and we were never consciously aware of any intervention -- be it the new Curve Control, brake-based torque vectoring, or outright skid-prevention. But on later laps with the system fully off, a similar approach to the off-camber turn three resulted in a nice drift that had been stifled on earlier laps.

Repeated hard braking into turn one from mph always presented a reassuringly firm brake pedal with no fade, but it was also attended by the same moaning sound we encountered during our first drive in Portland.

The noise was NOT present in the car we drove to the track, even during high-g, high-speed stops. Besides quelling that moan, the biggest item on my wish-list is more lateral support in the roomy seats. But then again, maybe the most likely person to race a big honkin' sedan like this is a big-honkin' driver, so maybe it's fine. At the end of the day, we strapped on the old VBox and grabbed some acceleration and braking numbers on the long flat straight and were impressed.

Acceleration-wise, it's a testament to repeatability, overlaying almost exactly on our Performance-Package SHO with a 5.

2013 Ford Taurus SHO Performance Package First Test

Braking, however, was a big improvement at feet versus There was no chance to get figure eight numbers, but you can expect lap times to drop and overall g level to rise with the improved braking. That one comes from Crewe, England. Close Ad.

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Watch Originals. Join MotorTrend. Frank Markus writer. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.It touches several aspects of the car, including tires, brakes, suspension and gearing but centers on an improved cooling system with a larger radiator and auxiliary transmission and oil coolers.

This cools the power transfer unit PTU and the rear differential for when the car is being pushed. The system drops the PTU operating temperature by nearly 80 degrees. The unit routes power from the transmission to the ground in the torque-sensing AWD car. High-performance semimetallic brake pads are more resistant to fade and larger brake calipers to help improve stopping power.

The pistons in the calipers are stainless steel, with silicone seals adding to the heat dissipation. The rotor size grew from Plus, the rear rotors are now vented rather than solid. All of the changes improve thermal management by 53 percent, Taurus chief engineer Bill Gubing said. The package also includes stiffer springs and dampers, and the electronic power steering was tuned for increased resistance, better turn-in feel and improved on-center dynamics at speed.

The AdvanceTrac electronic stability control can also be completely turned off. While nothing was done to the 3.

ford taurus performance package

This gives the car a quicker snap off the line, and the six-speed automatic can keep the engine in the powerband sweet spot from 1, rpm to 5, rpm. Finishing off the pack is an Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel. Ford execs say 30 percent of all Tauruses built are SHO models, and that dealer orders for the Performance package are running at near 50 percent.

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Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Ford.Video window may take a few moments to load There are no package upgrades to the potent 3. Likewise, the 6-speed automatic transmission, with its paddle shifters and aggressive Sport mode, remains unchanged.

2010-2017 Taurus Power Packages

Both are mated to an awd system that drives the front wheels and progressively feeds torque to the rear wheels as needed. All nice stuff. Well, Ford engineer Mark Lecrone told me they wanted to build a version for the hard-core enthusiast who likes to do track days. He explained all changes are geared to make the car more durable and cool-running so you can run on the track all day without heat worries and still drive home, pick up the kids at school and park in your garage.

No one will ever know. To that end, they've modified the brakes, suspension and Power Take-Off unit. The brakes get a larger master cylinder bore for a pedal ratio change that gives you less travel at the top of the pedal for a firmer feel, and the rear vented brake rotors are 30 percent larger. The already massive vented front rotors get dual piston mm calipers with performance friction pads, and the pistons themselves have high-temp dust boots and seals that pull the pads more effectively away from the discs for less heat buildup.

Chassis upgrades include stiffer front springs to reduce understeer and a front anti-roll bar that's actually a little smaller to get the car to roll and pitch in a more predictable and balanced fashion. Extra track-day heat is carried away by a pair of water-to-oil coolers plumed into a radiator core with extra capacity. One helps the PTO on the transmission to run 16 percent cooler, and the other cools the engine oil.

In our lapping session I found the car surprisingly civilized, supple and quiet, despite its ability to turn in nicely and then drift in controlled, balanced fashion.

The engine is blazingly fast down the straights and comes off the corners with hard-hitting torque and makes a lovely sound while doing itand the easily modulated brakes have no trouble catching the line drive to shortstop.

For a big car, it bleeds off speed easily and impressively.

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Well, the seat bolsters could be more supportive for this level of track grip, and the tach face is about the size of your wristwatch. Also, I found the automatic upshifts in the Sport mode to be a bit conservative while coming off corners—though they got better the more you put your foot in it. Still, the paddle shifters are the way to go when true fun and instant gratification are called for. II was in the Sixties—a genuinely civilized and comfortable luxury car that just happens to be quite at home on the race track.

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2018 Ford Taurus SHO Review - Build \u0026 Price - Detailed Info \u0026 Specs Overview

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ford taurus performance package

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